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Builders Truck Stopped With Insecure Load

A builder driving a flatbed truck was stopped by police on the A2 over the weekend after they spotted what appeared to be an insecure load.

The truck contained a cement mixer as well as two wheelbarrows which were not tethered down and could have caused a serious or fatal injury had they come loose on the motorway.

The incident happened on Sunday afternoon near Cobham. Once they had pulled the truck onto the hard shoulder, the police also found that the truck was overweight, which is another serious offence.

To make matters worse, when they began to check the drivers details, they had no valid insurance or driving licence.

The vehicle was seized by the police and the driver will need to appear in court for all offences.

In a further surprising twist, since the incident the transport manager of the company (which appears to be The Ferns Group) has come forward asking how do they contact the police as they say the vehicle is definitely insured and the driver needs dismissing.

It would appear the so called ‘transport manager’ (if this is a genuine person) is not really qualified for the job, as the vehicle is not insured if the driver does not have a suitable licence or if he is not named on the insurance policy to drive it.

The company should be checking all licences of their employees and keeping their vehicle insurance documents up to date.

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