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Channel Crossings Continue Into Winter Months

Despite the UK Government reassuring us that illegal immigrants would only make the Channel Crossings during warm weather with calm seas, at least 47 more arrived yesterday.

With thick fog covering most of the Channel, the young men attempted to arrive on UK shores by stealth. The RNLI volunteers were put to sea to help rescue those inbound. Hurricane and Speedwell RNLI boats were put to sea, with the first rescue boat launched at 4.30am.

After 5 migrants jumped into the freezing water, Coastguard Rescue helicopter 163 took to the air in almost zero visibility.

Although the weather is not stormy, the arrival of immigrants continues unabated. If the flow of people continues at such a pace, then 2022 will easily beat the records set in 2021.

Utter and total obscene farce inflicted on the British taxpayers

It has been rumoured that on launching the migrants make telephone calls to let the UK Border Force and RNLI know they’re on their way and where they are. If this is the case then the Border Force and RNLI probably know how many migrants are in the boats and how many are inbound.

The Government, especially Home Secretary Priti Patel is probably relieved that the new wave of COVID-19 has taken focus away from the immigration issue. Priti Patel said she would make the route unviable, but it would appear that as things stand on 19th December, the route is still very much looking very viable!

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