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Disgusting Mess Left In Hythe Park

A vigilant member of the public has posted a photo of a mess that was left around a picnic table in Hythe.

The disgusting litter was found in Green Lane, Hythe following the nice weather at the weekend. The person who discovered the mess is proud member of Litter Picking Watch in Romney Marsh. The team of volunteer litter pickers tidied up the mess for free. Thank goodness we have conscientious people who are prepared to clear up after other people and make our shared spaces presentable and tidy.

What is so sad is that people think it is acceptable to leave the park in such a state. Even if the bins were full, visitors to the park could still take their rubbish home with them.

please take some pride in your country and clear your own rubbish

The rubbish appears to be a mixture of fizzy pop bottles and beer cans, which would make any small investigator think that this rubbish has left by a group of young people who used the park for an evening gathering. Probably breaking lockdown rules at the same time.

We need to bring some pride back into caring for our countryside and making it look nice and clean. Sadly, this now seems to be the way forward where it is ‘acceptable’ for rubbish to be left behind and an expectation that ‘someone else’ will tidy it up after you.

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