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Dover School Girls Protest Online

A group of school girls from a school in Dover where a 15-year old pupil was allegedly raped by an Afghan migrant, have taken to social media in protest.

The four Afghans who were arrested after the incident at Astor School, were released without charge after police said there was not enough evidence.

The girls have created a protest video to say how scared they are of a similar incident occurring. They also feel like the incident has been swept under the carpet and that there is more care for the migrants then there is for existing pupils.

They say that the victim has been left “traumatised & not returning”, whilst the Afghan boys have now returned. The school has told the girls how they should dress in front of any migrant pupils.

A road sign for Astor School can clearly be seen in the background

There are now unconfirmed rumours that five school girls at the school, who demonstrated against the four Afghanis have been suspended.

The issue has become so serious that MP Natalie Elphicke has said that she will raise them with the Policing Minister, Kent Police and the Crime Commissioner.

It is appalling that this situation has led to 15 year old pupils demonstrating on our streets outside of their school. Those in charge should be ashamed that it has got to this point. When did we stop caring so much about our own children?

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