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Ear Syringing Outside of NHS Care

Despite assurances from the government that the NHS will not be privatised, it has come to our attention that another crucial part of care has been excluded from care.

Any patient requiring their ear to be syringed, whether it be a regular cleanse or due to illness or surgery will have to go outside the NHS for the procedure.

A recent patient to Darent Valley hospital in Dartford told us that they were informed by a nurse that they would need to visit ‘Specsavers’ and pay £50. When they asked why it could not be done at the hospital, they were told it was not part of NHS care. the tag line of ‘should have gone to specsavers’ has never been so relevant. Of course, there are other providers on the High Street who offer this service as well, although it does seem that NHS staff are pushing ‘Specsavers’ as the prefered option.

PIECE by piece the NHS is removing services

Further investigation has shown that ear syringing was removed from NHS services in July 2019, although this seems to have been missed by the mainstream media.

It would be no surprise if this change was made during the Brexit news, whilst peoples attention was focused elsewhere.

A proportion of the NHS nurses are already outsourced to ‘Virgin’ and now you will have to pay for your ear syringing and go to a private company. Whilst the government continue to claim that the NHS will not be privatised, they are slowly chipping away at what care is actually provided by it.

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