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Flooding Hits Parts Of Kent

After days of constant rain, parts of Kent have been flooded, just days before Christmas. Although the rain has now stopped and the river levels are beginning to fall, more rain could be on the way.

The river at Yalding has once again overflowed affecting local residents including the Venice caravan park. This area was badly affected a few years ago and now it has happened all over again.

Tovil has been affected by flooding too from the river Medway. The river has also overflowed in Maidstone town centre, although it has only flooded the low pedestrian paths.

christmas time will be soggy for some

Tonbridge has also been badly affected with the river flowing into the local fields and playground. The local swimming pool has also been impacted by the flood water.

People only have a few days to get places cleaned up in time for Christmas. Although some areas have not been badly hit, other areas seem to flood constantly and will be at risk over the next few weeks.

Father Christmas will be needing his wellie boots if he wants to get to some of these people in just a few days time. I feel sorry for the reindeer who are in danger of being washed away if they land in deep water, lets hope they wear theeir life jackets.

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