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East Kent Saboteurs Stop Bolebroke Beagles Hunt

The East Kent Saboteurs group have claimed a victory at the weekend after stopping the Bolebroke Beagles Hare Hunt.

The group claim they initially followed the Bolebroke Beagles hound trailer along the A228, towards the Paddock Wood area. The trailer was then parked up at a property just outside Collier Street as a waiting place.

By about 11.30 am the beagle trailer was on the move again, to the meet at Chainhurst Farm, Chainhurst.

One of the East Kent Group went to meet one of the hunts people and to point out their legal requirements, and that we were here to keep an eye on them. The lady who was in charge was insistent that they were “trail hunting”.

Big shame they didn’t want to shed any light on what trail laying looks like

Following this, it would appear the hunt was called off as the trailer of hounds was returned to the Paddock Wood area at about 2.30pm. By this point the beagles had been in the trailer for over 6 hours without any water, food or being let out for toilet purposes.

Eventually the lead huntsman collected the trailer in his Land Rover and returned the trailer to kennels on the Hoo Peninsula near Cliffe. Still with no hound exercise for the beagles, it is reported they they were put straight back into the kennel block.

Whilst we have the events from the East Kent Saboteurs group point of view, we would like to hear from the trail hunting group at Chainhurst. Please feel free to add your own article or submit one to us for publishing. We look forward to hearing from you.

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