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HomeNewsFergus Wilson Ordered To Pay Council £125,000 In Court Costs

Fergus Wilson Ordered To Pay Council £125,000 In Court Costs

Fergus Wilson, the man dubbed ‘the worst landlord in Britain’ has been ordered to pay Ashford Borough Council £125,000 in court costs.

The big cheese from Maidstone lost a High Court battle with the council after a decade of sending abuse to staff. Last year Fergus Wilson, 72, was banned for life from contacting Ashford Borough Council (ABC) directly.

The High Court ordered buy-to-let landlord to pay £125,000, with this figure only a part payment ordered by the courts while the full amount is being considered. The council believe £170,000 is a reasonable sum total.

During the court proceedings Ashford Borough Councils QC, handed in 454 copies of correspondence, sent by Wilson to council officials between February 2016 and July 2020.

Included in the council’s evidence was a letter, sent to Council Leader Gerry Clarkson’s home address, calling him a ‘buffoon’, ‘an a******’, ‘a bag of ****’. He referred to a female member of staff as a ‘Michelin lady’ in an email.

It is a significant step for a public body, particularly a local council, to seek an injunction restraining the behaviour of one of its residents

Mr Wilson now representing himself, has objected to a final costs order because he claims the barrister, who was instructed under the Direct Access Scheme, no longer had the authority having come off the case months prior. He says that he should not have to pay anything until after the appeal he intends to make.

When handing down the permanent injunction, Daryl Allen QC, sitting as Deputy Judge of the High Court, said ‘The defendant’s conduct repeatedly went far beyond merely irritating and annoying, it was deliberately offensive. In my judgment it was appropriate to issue proceedings in the High Court and to instruct leading counsel’.

The self-proclaimed ‘fat man’ of Maidstone, must pay the £125,000 to ABC by 4pm on 17th May 2022.

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