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Mayor Opening Dartford Food Bank Causes Outrage

A photograph posted on social media showing the Mayor of Dartford, along with Conservative Council leader Jeremy A Kite MBE with some other dignitaries officially opening a food bank in Dartford has caused a lot of anger online.

The photo showing celebrations at the opening of the food bank in Dartford yesterday, has upset many, as they feel it is not a cause worthy or celebrating. What is ironic is that it was the Mayor (Councillor Rosanna Currans) herself that posted the photo on social media!

The Mayor Of Dartford -Councillor Rosanna Currans, appears to be having a lovely time!

The Conservatives are being blamed for the need for food banks to help families in poverty, and they are now seen having a ‘good old laugh’ at the opening ceremony, as if they are launching a new ship!

Many feel the council leaders are completely out of touch with society and do not fully appreciate the problems many are having with the cost of living rising.

The Dartford foodbank, like many others, is being run by a group of volunteers, who are supporting those in need in the community, helping families and individuals in dire personal circumstances. It has been said that Conservative politicians/councillors should not use it as a handy photo opportunity, but should be thanking the volunteers.

The original tweet posted by the Mayor, which has since be deleted.

The opening of a foodbank is good news for those in need, but it sadly, it is sad times when a foodbank becomes necessary.

The Mayor decided to remove the tweet, but not before a number of people had commented on the photo.

In a normal society the opening of so many food banks would be seen as a failure of governence

One said “Who knew opening a food bank for struggling families would be such a giggle?”.

Another posted “A ribbon opening is so horrifically inappropriate.”

A final poster, summed up the overall feeling “they laughed and cut the ribbon opening the food bank, dressed in their splendid clothes, whilst local residents queued reluctantly, angrily, desperately, needing to be given food to survive the week”.

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