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Genuine Asylum Seekers Or A Better Life Abroad?: You Decide

As the issue of immigration hits the national headlines, we take a closer look at some of the people reaching our shores.

It has become an emotive subject, are these people arriving in dinghies from France genuine asylum seekers or are they people with money paying to come for a better life?

Certainly some of the people coming are escaping war torn countries or trying to get away from tortune, famine and dangerous gangs. Would you endanger the life of your child crossing an open sea in a small boat for no reason?

On the flip side, it is said that 87% of the people who have made the crossing are young men – coming to seek their fortune in a country which is happy to provide hand outs and help.

Most of these undertaking the journey are said to pay criminal gangs up to £3,000 per person. That is a lot of money for a UK resident, its a huge amount for someone from a poor country. This combined with some of the clothing on display is giving the impression that some of these people are not who they say they are. Perhaps the clothes they are wearing are the only possessions they have, in that case they do not have much at all.

So are these people spending their life savings on a new life, or is it the affluent few who have the money to pay the gangs for a better place to live?

Whilst these photos are only a snapshot of the 430 that made the crossing yesterday and do not represent all the people that came across, it is up to you to decide if these people are genuine asylum seekers or not…

A young man holds his mobile phone aloft Copyright:PA
Escaping a war zone or just happy to be in the UK? There are watches and designer logos on display Copyright: PA
Expensive clothing Copyright: PA
Designer clothing and shoes Copyright: PA
Expensive trainers, real or fake? Copyright: PA
An asylum seeker smokes whilst waiting for a lift Copyright: PA
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