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Going Private When You Need To Get Checked

It’s some funny times that we live in. There are people living in poverty or are homeless. Some poor folk are struck down by horrible diseases or stuck in war zones. But a posh person living in the Cotswolds got a bit annoyed this week because the UK Prime Minister took a private plane to Leeds to visit a NHS hospital.

The ‘hot and bothered’ person got upset when Prime Minister Ricky Soon-nap decided to make the 200-mile journey on a luxury business jet, rather than by public transport. Apparently a train from London to Leeds takes around 2 hours 15 minutes – with a day return in standard class available for around £100. So what on earth was the Prime Minister thinking when he took a private jet instead?

The person was so angered that it even forced a response from the PM’s official spokesperson who said “The transport the Prime Minister takes will vary and always be done with any interests of what’s the most effective use of his time, allowing him to get around the entirety of the UK when there is a great deal of pressure on his time”.

I do have to agree with Mr Angry that the reply from the official spokesperson is a load of old baloney. Saving time was not the main reason for the Prime Minister not taking the train. Ignoring the fact that half the time our trains are not running because of strike action – it is because Ricky is the UKs Prime Minister and it would not look good if was seen balanced on a luggage rack or laying on the floor for the full 2 hours and 15 minute journey to Leeds. It would appear even worse if he had received a load of verbal from a bunch of Leeds United fans whilst wedged in economy class.

What was slightly odd though, is that Ricky chose the most expensive form of travel, to visit a NHS hospital. Just at the time when NHS nurses are striking because there is no more money in the pot. Irony is clearly not Ricky’s strong point.

Ricky appears to have made a particular point of upsetting as many NHS workers as he can this week. Perhaps this is just another attempt at forcing enough people to leave their job with the service, so that the Tory’s can privatise what remains.

As well as the flight fiasco, he would not admit on national TV if he has private healthcare or not! Let us clear that one up for you. He does!

How can we be so certain? If the UK PM does not have the time to sit on a train to Leeds, the UK PM certainly does not have the time to sit in A&E for 15 hours. Not only that, but considering he and his wife are in 222nd place on the UK rich list, he would be a bit stupid not to have private healthcare. There is nothing wrong with the service that he would receive from the NHS, as long as he could wait months for an appointment – which could be tricky when he has a country to run.

Ricky is in a privileged position, but he also has one of the hardest, time-consuming jobs in the country, so good luck to him and his private healthcare because he should have it. If the most important person in the country can not get the best healthcare available, then we really are in trouble. It is just a shame that the best healthcare nowadays does involve something that costs money and is only available to those with money.

But if he is unwell, we should want him to get fixed as soon as possible, so he can get back to the day job. A day job that includes sorting out the NHS so that the rest of us can get some good healthcare too!

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