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Greatstone Primary School Bring The Wizard Of Oz To Fairways Care Home

The corridors of Fairways Care Home echoed with the timeless melodies of “The Wizard of Oz” as Year 6 pupils from Greatstone Primary School treated residents to a heartwarming performance. The event, aptly themed “Follow the Yellow Brick Road,” saw the young performers bringing smiles and nostalgia to their elderly audience.

The pupils’ spirited rendition of songs from the classic film enchanted everyone present. The event was a beautiful blend of music and community spirit, as the children encouraged everyone to join them on a magical journey through song.

Connie Jepps, Activities Coordinator at Fairways Care Home said: “We loved the musical treat and even got to have a chat with the young performers. It was wonderful to see the children so enthusiastic and to be part of their joy.”

The visit was more than just an entertainment session; it was a moment of community connection and joy that bridged generations. The children’s vibrant energy and the care home’s warm reception created an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and delight.

Events like these underscore the importance of community connections and the incredible impact of intergenerational activities. Fairways Care Home and Greatstone Primary School have set a shining example of how music therapy and communal engagements can enrich lives and foster lasting memories.

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