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Haribo Shop Opens in Ashford

A brand new sweet shop has opened at the upgraded Ashford Retail Park today and there was a huge queue of customers waiting outside to get their hands on some freebies. The first hundred customers through the door were treated to a free goodie bag, although by the time the shop opened, there were more than a hundred people waiting.

The Haribo shop is the first of its kind in Kent, although Haribo already have five other stores open elsewhere in the country. The queue started to form at around 9am this morning, even though the shop did not open until 11am. They were greeted by the famous Haribo bear – which is not real, but at least the person inside must have been warmer than the freezing customers. The long line of sugar loving fans could not wait to get their hands on the tasty confectionery, with one customer travelling over 60 miles to get their sugar fix.

anyone allergic to sugar needs to stay away from ashford

As well as sweets, the Haribo shop also sells other non-food related items, such as Haribo branded pencils, mugs and key-rings, which will be a hit for those that care about their teeth or have a medical condition such as diabetes. For those that do have a sweet tooth, you can get a years hit in just one day and if that is still not enough, you can always pop next door and push your poor pancreas to the limit with Lindt chocolate.

It’s quite incredible not only how many people are prepared to queue up for hours in the cold to see a sweet shop open, but also just how many people have so much free time on a Thursday morning. Whatever their reason for being present, lets hope everyone uses this shop with some sort of moderation, otherwise we will all have the ‘healthy living campaigners’ coming after us!

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