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Hundreds More Migrants Arrive

The hot weather is proving to be a double edged sword as the number of illiegal immigrants arriving on the Kent coast continues to rise.

There were over 100 more arrivals this weekend as the UK Border Farce intercepted at least 7 boats. Although there were some women and children, the majority were young men.

The total number of migrants to have been detained by Border Force so far this year reached 7,478, less than 1,000 short of the record 8,410 who arrived in the whole of last year.

The voluntary crew of the Ramsgate RNLI were also called into action as two immigrants fell overboard and needed rescuing. The lifeboat towed the drifting rib, packed with around 20 migrants, into Ramsgate harbour where Border Farce officers were waiting.

There are also questions being raised about how many immigrants are coming ashore undetected. Around 15-20 migrants apparently came ashore near Folkestone after their rib made the full journey without assistance.

All this comes in the shadow of Priti Patel’s new nationality and borders bill, which has its second reading in parliament on 19th and 20th July. The bill proposes to give the home secretary the power to expand the camp-style accommodation established last year, and to send asylum-seekers overseas for processing (even if no country has yet agreed to receive them).

our new plan for immigration will break the business model of these criminal gangs whilst welcoming people through safe and legal routes

Rather than solve the issue, the bill is more likely to increase the number of people who will get stuck in Britain’s underfunded asylum system, as the new measures will be open to legal challenge. There is currently a record backlog of more than 100,000 asylum cases. The Home Office has been accused of running a potentially unlawful policy of detaining people in order to deport them without properly considering their asylum claims.

Ms Patel said ‘The Nationality and Borders Bill contains vital measures to fix the UK’s broken asylum system. Our new plan for immigration is fair but firm. We will welcome people through safe and legal routes whilst preventing abuse of the system, cracking down on illegal entry and the criminality associated with it.’

So there will be a record number of asylum seekers stuck in no-mans land waiting to be processed, but will never get there. Then in 6 months they will be shipping off elsewhere to become someone else’s problem. Doesn’t really sound like the sort of permanent fix we are all hoping for.

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