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Large Police Hunt In Walmer As Immigrants Arrive

A large police operation is currently underway in Walmer as a search continues for a number of illegal immigrants.

There are search teams on the ground in the area and a police helicopter after a boat arrived at the coastal town. The people in the dinghy soon fled and now the search is underway to locate as many of the immigrants as possible. Walmer is situated on the Kent coast between Deal and Dover.

A coach has been spotted parked in a local street with UK Border Force ushering a number of people onboard.

It is currently unknown as to how many people were on the boat as it arrived onto the Kent beach.

The number of illegal immigrants arriving has soared over the last few days as the sea are calm. There are probably plenty more on their way to the Kent coast, so let’s hope the Border Farce have plenty more coaches at the ready!

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