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Hundreds Of Migrants Boats Stacked In Dover

The scale of the illegal immigrants entering the UK has been highlighted, after photos appeared showing the huge number of vessels they have used to get to our shores.

The boats are being stored at a secure facility in Dover. They have been stacked three high and sit in multiple rows. They vary from fibreglass rowing boats to high tech large ribs.

The boats by unscrupulous gangs who exploit migrants by charging huge sums to provide a way to come to the UK. The latest figures show that more than 2,800 people have reached the UK this year.

Any one need a boat?

A further 125 migrants made it to the British waters on Friday and a record 180 arriving on Sunday. The recent increase in numbers is thought to be down to the clear, calm conditions across the Channel in the past few weeks.

Home secretary Priti Patel has said she wants to put a stop to the migrants heading to the the UK. A Home Office source said: ‘Priti is incredibly unhappy with the number of small boats making this journey and impressed on the French the need to stop these illegal crossings for the benefit of both countries.’ 

It comes after it was revealed a desperate migrant stole a pedalo from a French beach and tried to cross The Channel on the same day that 180 people tried to make the journey.

It comes after it was revealed a desperate migrant stole a pedalo from a French beach and tried to cross The Channel on

Many migrants see it as a “now or never” moment before the UK government cracks down on crossings. They fear there will be a major push to curb the attempts and see July as their best and perhaps final opportunity.

The most recent crossings follow reports that French authorities have dismantled a migrant camp near Calais, resulting in more than 500 people being moved on. 

Clare Moseley, founder of humanitarian charity Care4Calais, last week said: ‘These continual evictions increase health risks – destroying possessions removes people’s ability to keep warm and dry, sleep properly or cook for themselves. The effect on their mental health is equally stark, causing depression, self-harm and suicide’.

And trying to cross The Channel is not a near-suicide exercise either?!!

Perhaps Clare Moseley would like to sell her home and move to Calais, where she can invite as many of these migrants to stay in her spare bedroom as she wishes!

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