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Hunt For Swale Driver Who Crashed Car

Swale police are searching for a driver who evaded them after a pursuit last night.

The driver fled from the police in a silver Citroen C3, which was believed to be stolen. Thanks to their choice of vehicle they did not get very far, before crashing into a “Road Closed” sign and some barriers. Thankfully the only things damaged were a metal barrier and the drivers pride.

It is unknown how a 1.4 litre Citroen C3 managed to evade police in what would have been a rather low speed pursuit.

The driver then decamped from the vehicle and after deciding they did not want to get caught with such an awful vehicle, fled from police into the side streets.

Despite a police search, they were unable to locate the driver.

Police are currently looking for someone with a very poor taste in cars.

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