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Ice and Snow Predicted in Kent

Weather forecasters have predicted a long winter this year with an expected 40 days of freezing weather. If their predictions are correct, then Kent communters could be experiencing icy starts to their mornings until at least the New Year.

A spokesman for KCC said: “Motorists are advised to watch out for icy patches/stretches particularly on the untreated roads overnight and into tomorrow morning, and should expect the surface to be slippery.

An icy blast is expected to arrive from the Artic in the UK, dropping temperatures to as low as -14C.

It’s going to get a bit chilly

They are expecting a lot of disruption with snow and ice, although Kent will hopefully do better with only 15-20 days of cold conditions.

Commuters can expect the maion roads to be gritted, although it’s the minor roads where people tend to get stuck. The rail serivce will struggle too with ice of the rails, so sanding from the trains will be essential.

There is further wintery condition expected in January and February, so ensure you ask for plenty of hats and gloves for Christmas. .

Dave from the local market is looking forward to a bumper year of sales, thanks to the bad weather. “I’m gonna sell loads of hats and scarves. Let’s just hope I don’t lose my own toes standing outside running this market stall” he moaned.

Drivers are being asked to drive with extra care due ot the dangers of black ice. Drivers as usual will ignore the advice and continue to drive with excess speed, so keep watch for out of control vans and spinning BMWs on your travels.

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