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Kent Cricket Is Back – No It’s Not!

Following a recent social network post from Kent Cricket Club, sports fans are getting excited as the announcement stated “Cricket is back”.

Sadly, whoever they pay to sort out the fixture list on the Kent Cricket website must still be on furlough, as according to their website, there are no fixtures!

No fixtures at all – apparently!

So at present, the fans have no idea what matches are coming up or when they may be!

With grounds closed to fans, the only way to see cricket is on the television or to listen to it on the radio. (You may need to explain what a radio is to your children!) So if you have been looking forward to a few fun summer days of people whacking balls with pieces of wood, it looks like you may be out of luck!

For cricket fans, there is a small window of hope that you may see some of the summer sport as England should be taking on the West Indies in a Test Match. But it is unlikely you will see much action happening today.

Because it’s raining!

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