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Beware Of New HMRC Scams

Kent Police have sent out a warning to people that scams are on the rise again and they need to be cautious.

The police have seen evidence of new HMRC scams, where scammers are spoofing numbers to make it look like that they are from legitimate Govt Depts such as the HMRC.

One such telephone scam is where you receive a call from ‘someone at the HMRC’ telling you they intend to prosecute you for tax fraud and you need to ‘press one’ to talk to an adviser or face immediate police action. You should hang up immediately, otherwise yo ucould end up paying for a premium rate call.

The scammers are also sending out letters, which look like official documents but are actually fakes. Thses letters are sent either via email or through online channels such as WhatsApp

A copy of a fake HMRC letter

The police are urging residents to be extra careful when receiving such letters or cold calls on the telephone. Please pass this information on to others, especially those who may be more vulnerable to these types of crime.

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