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Kent Police Cracking Down On Speeding Drivers

Kent Road Policing Unit have been out in force in the New Year to welcome speeding drivers into 2022.

The police have been running mobile speed checks on the M2, M20 and A2 to maintain safety on Kents roads, especially when the roads are quiet and drivers think they can put their foot down.

It seems the current deterrents aren’t working as drivers continue to break the speed limit

So far, they have caught 6 drivers all recorded doing over 90mph and have issued Traffic Offence Reports (TOR’s) for excessive speed.

One driver was already disqualified from driving and therefore they will soon be the proud owner of a court summons.

One person was quick to comment on the latest penalties by adding “Too many people now seem to think they can do just what they like on the streets”.

Interestingly, the first ever speeding ticket was issued in 1896 to a driver in Kent for going four times the legal speed limit. The driver was going at 8 mph. The speed limit was 2 mph. How times have changed!

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