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Kent Sky Turns Orange As Dust Bomb Hits

The skys above Kent have turned orange today as a Sahara dust bomb as spread across Europe. The effect is causing “blood rain” which leaves an orange coating across the ground and cars has covered much of Kent including Sheerness (which is pictured).

The dust cloud, which is 1.5 miles above ground level, could fall during showers in the southern parts of Britain on Wednesday afternoon, the Met Office has said.

Parts of Spain have already been covered in the thick plume – with people reporting skies turning orange in London and Kent today. People have been seen wiping layers of orange dust off their cars.

The sand – driven up high into the atmosphere by desert storms – is currently falling over Spain, with residents in Madrid asked to stay inside on Tuesday morning.

It’s just something else coming from europe that we don’t want

The thicker dust cloud will soon be on its way to the UK today, although the effects are not expected to affect us as much. Strong winds have made the situation worse abroad, but are not expected to cause the same problems in southern England. Images captured by satellites have also shown dust over France.

Forecasters say the impact is “unlikely” to be significant, with the dust potentially most visible at sunset. They say it is most likely to be noticed in places in southern England where there is the potential for rainfall.

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