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Kent Stays At Home To Save Lives

The people of Kent have decided to stay in on Sunday to save lives. Police patrols across the County have reported very low numbers of people on the roads today. Although the sun is out, the colder weather is helping to keep people indoors this weekend. Or perhaps people are just enjoying a lazy Sunday.

On the M20 there were very few vehicles making journeys today. We are now on the fourth weekend of the lockdown and it is becoming harder for some to stay at home. There were reports yesterday of people visiting ‘The Range’ shop to purchase non-essential items, such as cushions and drones. Luckily, this does not seem to be happening today.

Not a cloud in the sky, but a big fly splat on the windscreen!

The Rochester bridge was also empty this morning as a police patrol did its morning run. The COVID pandemic has plateaued over the last few days, but with over 5,000 being diagnosed daily, we are still a long way from things returning to normal.

Let’s play ‘Spot the walker’

Even the beach at Dymchurch is looking empty today as people enjoy a lazy Sunday. It has been reported by the electricity companies that electricity use is not increasing until after 7am in the mornings during lockdown. This is a change from the standard 5-6am as shift workers rise early. It will be a big shock to a lot of people once normal life resumes – but that is not a good reason to extend the lockdown any further than necessary.

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