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Labour’s Vince Maple In Very Odd Video After Winning In Medway

Labours Vince Maple has featured in a very unusual online video to celebrate Labours win in the local elections.

Labour made history as they took control of Medway Council for the first time ever and Leader of the Labour and Co-operative Group Vince Maple was the first to begin the celebrations.

The video showed Vince running through the sports hall with his arms out straight, before arriving in front of a group of Labour councillors and supporters. Out of the 59 candidates put forward by Labour, 33 were elected.

It was a momentous occasion for the party, -albeit an unusual way to introduce yourself in front of thousands of people that you will now represent as their new leader.

There were some low voter turnouts in certain wards, with newly-elected Luton Labour councillor Joanne Howcroft-Scott saying ‘Life long Tory voters aren’t voting – they’re not impressed with showing ID. They feel let down by the Tories who have let Medway turn into a cesspit’.

We are sure that the people living in Medway just love to hear their local area being described as a cesspit!

Good luck Medway!

You can see the full video here or the end of it in front of the winning candidates here.

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