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Lorry Driver Has Lucky Escape

A lorry driver has averted injury after their lorry has crashed through barriers of a motorway and was left overhanging the side of a bridge on Wednesday afternoon

Thanks to the driver trying to replicate a scene from the Italian job, the M25 was closed anti-clockwise at junction 2 south of Dartford, Kent, and the A2 was shut in both directions.

It takes some skill to jack-knife a lorry on a bridge and get that close to the edge

Highways England said a “complex recovery and repair operation” was under way and the roads would be closed for some time.

Kent Police said the driver was not seriously injured, but there was a good chance they could be once someone from Highways England got hold of them!

This picture just shows how precarious the lorry was on the bridge!

The crash in which part of the lorry’s trailer went through the safety barrier on the bridge was reported to Kent Police at about 1:20pm. The strange do-nut shaped skids marks on the road has left investigators scratching their heads as to what the driver what actually doing at the time of the crash. It would appear that one of the tyres blew out, causing the driver to lose control..

“Significant damage” has been caused and congestion stretched 6 miles approaching the Dartford Crossing, a Highways England spokesman confirmed.

Drivers have been warned to allow extra time for journeys if travelling in the area, or to consider alternative routes, because there are plenty of ‘alternative routes’ across the Thames!

Update – 8th April

We have managed to obtain dashcam footage of the accident in progress – see what happens for yourself…

Thankfully the driver was wearing brown trousers!
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