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Maidstone Open For Shoppers

Maidstone Town Centre has announced it is open and safe for shoppers as another week commences. A number of steps have been put in place to provide a safe shopping experience for visitors.

You may need to take a tape measure with you when you go shopping

A number of signs have been put up in shop windows and on floors to reinforce the 2m seperation for social disancing. Boris Johnson could scupper that up by Tuesday, when it is rumoured that the 2 metre rule may be reduced.

The majority of shops are now open and a some cafes and restaurants have converted to offering a takeaway service.

There is also a number of public ‘ambassadors’ on the streets to help guide shoppers and give advice – but sadly they are not handing out free Ferrero Rocher chocolates!

The guidance also says to ‘keep left’ whenever you can, so that shoppers walking towards you wil lalways be on the right hand side. If you struggle to work out your left from right, draw a big L and R on your hands before you go out. Use Google to show you the correct hands!

Enjoy your shopping and stay safe. N.B. Other shopping areas in Kent are available!

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