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Migrant Dies In Channel Crossing Attempt

A migrant has died during a Channel crossing attempt after the boat they were in began to sink.

The large dinghy was holding around 40 people when it started to let in water at about 09:00 BST. A passing ship reported the dinghy had got into difficulty.

A rescue attempt was begun and the person was pulled unconscious from the water and flown to hospital in Calais by helicopter.

French authorities said rescue operations were continuing off the coast of Dunkirk.

It is about time the French put a stop to these channel crossing

Others were pulled from the water by crews on nearby fishing boats. A Belgian air force helicopter was also involved as it winched several men from the sea.

Earlier in the week, a migrant was taken to hospital in Dunkirk in a French navy helicopter. The migrant had been rescued from a dinghy carrying 29 people.

Lisa Doyle of the Refugee Council said the “tragic loss of life is a sobering reminder that the odds are stacked against ordinary men, women and children, who are desperately struggling for safety and protection. We can do more to make the journey safer”.

Or we can continue try and stop people making the journey in the first place, which puts not only their lives at risk, but those who come to rescue them too!

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