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More Immigrants Arrive As Operation Red Meat Falters

37 migrants have made the journey into Kent this morning after they were picked up in the Channel by the UK Border Force. On a freezing January morning their boat was found inside British waters after it was suspected that a French warship assisted them on their passage.

The latest arrivals bring the total of immigrants arriving into the UK via the channel nearly up to 1,000 in 2022. This is despite the UK Government just announcing Operation Red Meat to put a stop to the Channel crossings.

Just yesterday it was announced that Boris Johnson signed off a new tactic to distract Conservative MP’s from the partygate scandal. The Prime Ministers new plan is to allow Ministry of Defence to take control of migrant operation and have Navy vessels and RAF support deployed in UK territorial waters.

What he aims to achieve by this is anyone’s guess as unless he plans to blow the migrants out of the water, they do not really stand much chance of turning the dinghies around mid-Channel. Perhaps this is why they used such a ridiculous name as “Red Meat”?!!

Officials hope the involvement of the Armed Forces will have a significant ‘deterrent effect’ on people wanting to cross the Channel. The command of Border Force, which oversees incidents in the Channel, will move over to the Ministry of Defence. This change will take place by the end of the month or early February, so still plenty of time for the immigrants to arrive in Kent unabated.

Earlier this month a border force trade union threatened strike action over Miss Patel’s proposals to turn back migrants

It is still unclear what practical difference this will make. If the military are not allowed to shoot Taliban fighters in a warzone unless they ‘pose a clear and direct threat’, what chance do the military have against a boatload of migrants wearing lifejackets?

Military involvement in the Channel will open up the prospect of so-called ‘pushback’ tactics, as set out in the Bill, being carried out by the Navy rather than Border Force. Military deployments in the Channel are currently limited to surveillance equipment, but under the new bill, navy vessels could be deployed.

This is how the Daily Mail view the PM’s new plans

International law says that you cannot force vessels back into French waters, so is this going to end up as a large scale game of tiddlywinks at sea?

Pessimists have already said that this is just all smoke and mirrors. They say the new plan will cost a fortune and illegal immigration will be stopped. It is simply an extension of the taxi service by our Royal Navy.

Another person said that the navy have already said they’re not going to get involved, all this proves is that this is all concocted to deflect from the chaos in number 10.

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