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Mutiny On The Channel

Priti Patels plan to send asylum-seekers to Rwanda for processing appears to have hit the rocks before its even off the blocks.

Angry Home Office staff have begun a plot to sabotage the plan, as some threaten to go on strike over what they say us a ‘totally unethical’ proposal.

The plan to ship asylum-seekers to Rwanda could see tens of thousands of migrants sent to Rwanda for asylum processing in the coming years. Although in reality, Rwanda only has facilities to house 100 people at one time, meaning the real numbers will be considerably lower.

The scheme is aimed at single men arriving in the UK illegally in small boats or lorries. These are deemed to be economic migrants coming to the UK for work, rather than seeking asylum to protect their families from danger.

Some employees at the Home Office have asked not to work on the scheme whilst others have compared it to ‘human trafficking’. That’s a bit ironic considering the asylum-seekers have paid tens of thousands of pounds to traffickers to come to the UK in the first place.

However, a minority of employees do support the Rwanda deal, citing that the current situation in the Channel is unsustainable. Some see the removal policy to Rwanda as possibly the best option to the current misuse of the asylum system and will act as a deterrent over time.

What is interesting is that the left-wing Government in Denmark are now planning on doing the same thing, and seem to be getting no resistance to the issue.

Others have been quick to condemn the civil servants, as their duty is to implement the policies of the elected government, not to undemocratically oppose or frustrate them. Anyone who can’t do that should find another job or stand for election to parliament to try to change the policies legitimately.

The civil service is there to serve the government and not make policy

Although there is no quick-fix to this issue, the Rwanda option seems to be the only choice at the moment. The flow of people to the UK is unsustainable and we are unable to accommodate more people on such a small island.

The housing problem is growing and unless we turn the whole of the UK into a housing estate, there just is not room to keep allowing more people to gain entry into the country.

The biggest issue with the Rwanda solution is that it is not yet geared for the number of asylum-seekers arriving. It has been said that they can only process 100 at a time, which is not enough when up to 500 people are arriving on our beaches daily.

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