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New Record Day For Arriving Migrants

Illegal immigrants arriving into the UK ifor a single day hit a new record high on Saturday 21st August as more than 800 migrants crossed the Channel.

The Home Office confirmed that 200 migrants were stopped from crossing but they have been extremely slow to confirm the actual number that were successful.

It is another blow to Home Secretary Priti Patel who continues to try and convince the UK that she has the problem under control.

Nigel Farage even got involved in the action by asking what are the Home Office trying to hide?

The previous highest number of migrants to cross the Channel in one day was on 12 August, when 592 people made the journey.

A deal agreed between the UK and France last month will see France double the number of police patrolling its beaches. It will also fund improved intelligence sharing and introduce better technology to target people who organise the crossings. It is not known how long it will take these new measures to be implemented, but it would appear they have missed the summer rush!

The failure of the Government to protect our boarders having stated as one of their election pledges that they would act is beyond reproach

France has also warned the UK that some migrants have been found carrying firearms. This is a huge threat to the UK Border Force employees and rescue services, such as volunteer RNLI crews. It is also a risk to the British public as may boats are coming into our shores almost undetected.

The news is a blow for those opposed to the flow of immigrants into the country, just as the UK announced a resettlement programme to allow 5,000 Afghans to come to the UK, with the long-term goal of helping 20,000 people from the country

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