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‘Our Creek Stinks’ Complains Faversham Resident

A Kent resident has taken to social media to complain to Faversham MP Helen Whately that their local creek ‘smells like sh1t – because it is full of it!.

They go on to add ‘this is what the Tory party want us to live with’, after MPs voted to allow water companies to continue to discharge sewage into our seas and waterways.

Another person has continued the conversation saying ‘two miles out to sea there is an outflow of raw sewage, every time we go there it’s pumping it out.. We should be legally allowed to withhold the money for waste water paid to water companies until they stop pumping raw sewage’.

There is a strong view that they are our rivers and beaches. They do not belong to private companies to make profit from or to use to discharge pollution into.

After years of educating our children that we should be looking after our planet, the behaviour of the water companies goes against everything that we have taught them.

The water companies argue that they are working with ‘Victorian plumbing’ and that the discharges are only a short term problem until the effluent is broken down. But there has been no study into the long term affects on the impact to our coastlines or marine life, although it is feared that it can take up to 25 years to clear.

There is a danger that our beaches will not be safe to use for many years to come. Do we really want our children playing in the sea where raw sewage has been decaying for years?

There is a huge amount of anger with the Conservative Party over this issue and it is not going to go away. There is about one year until the next General Election and the Tories are looking at a potential wipe out in Kent due to issues such as this and the ongoing immigration problem.

There has been no comment so far from MP Helen Whately.

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