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Police Conduct Traffic Control Duties For McDonalds

Kent police have been in attendance at a McDonalds restaurant in Whitfield, near Dover, this evening as queues for the fast food cause problems. As McDonalds opened for business, a number of hungry people caused chaos as they queued for their greasy meals.

The queue of cars waiting was so long that it continued onto the nearby A2 causing congestion. Police have intervened at the location and are assisting with the congestion by marshalling the cars into the drive-thru.

Police man telling the drivers ‘where to go’ Credit: @george_cory

For some people of Kent, the wait for a burger during lockdown has been too long to bear. Some could not contain their excitement as they waited up to two hours in hot cars today, to get their fat fingers on a McWedgie Sandwich.

More police herding cars like ‘cattle’ – how ironic! Credit: @george_cory

Some residents near Dover were a bit miffed by the police stopping to help a private business. One said ‘It’s a bit much when McDonald’s get the police on site to help with traffic congestion. Surely they should be out catching criminals, not helping McDonalds to make money’.

Emma Tullett, whose house fell down a cliff on the Isle of Sheppey earlier today, said ‘Is this a (burger) flipping joke? The police won’t stand outside my house and stop my belongings from being nicked because they said it’s too expensive, but they can stand outside a burger joint all evening?’

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