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Razor Blades Hidden Under Nazi Stickers

Kent Police are warning residents to avoid removing offensive stickers after razor blades were found hidden underneath them in Dunton Green.

On 22nd September 2021 hate-inspired stickers with symbols of the swastika, were found on a bus shelter near the school in London Road, Dunton Green and upon closer investigaton, razor blades had been placed underneath the stickers.

Two similar incidents have also been reported in Chatham in September, where a person reported seeing offensive stickers placed in various locations in Henry Street.

Further offensive stickers were reported to have been seen on lampposts in Reform Road, Chatham. The stickers in Chatham did not contain razor blades or swastikas.

Residents who are offended by any notices or stickers should report the incidents to Kent Police and not attempt to remove the items themselves.

These stickers were placed inside a bus shelter near a school and it is only sheer luck that a child was not harmed

Inspector Matt Atkinson from Sevenoaks’ Community Safety Unit said ‘This is disturbing behaviour and while I do not want to cause people to panic, I do want to raise awareness of this issue. Publicly promoting offensive, hate-filled notices is not acceptable in itself but adding razor blades to potentially seriously harm somebody is despicable’.

He added ‘If anyone has information as to who placed these stickers in this location or sees anything similar of concern please do report it via 101 and do not attempt to remove them.’

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