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Southeastern Railway Face Covering Reminder

Southeastern Trains have sent out a reminder to passengers today that face coverings are compulsory on all public transport. This applies to all forms of public transport, including busses and trains.

This is part of the governments plan to try and keep people safe whilst on their journeys. There is no part of the new rule that describes exactly what kind of face covering is required.

The rules states that ‘You need to wear a face covering from when you enter a station all the way through your journey, including exiting the station at the other end. If you are then moving onto the bus, tram or tube, you should avoid taking off your face covering while interchanging, to avoid touching your face or mouth unnecessarily’.

Southeastern have also kindly reminded any potential customers that they should ‘only travel if it’s necessary so we can keep trains clear for those who really need them’. As if anyone would choose to go on a Southeastern train just for fun!

if you have to travel by train or bus, make sure you bring a face covering to wear

There are also no rules regarding eating or drinking on public transport, so some may find themselves in a rather sticky and soggy situation. The advise handily states ‘Children under 11 are not required to wear face coverings’, so the poor little mites will be exposed to a whole load of germs – marvellous.

The final update from the government advises what to do if someone else is not wearing a face mask on your bus or train. They say ‘We are confident that the vast majority of people will want to do the right thing and help protect others by bringing and wearing a face covering while in stations and on trains’.

That’s reassuring then, it’s not like there is anyone who would not do the right thing, apart from a few MP’s and Senior Government advisors?!!!

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