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Rare European Lizard Found in Kent Village

A Kent village has discovered a rare species of lizard living there. The wall lizard usually found on the continent and is not native to the UK, has been found in Cuxton. 

The agile species, which is usually found in central and southern Europe, is known to live in small numbers along the county’s coastline but has now decided to find a home for itself in the Medway Valley. The lizards said they were pleased with the free housing and generous donations on offer there! 

The lizards, which can grow up to eight inches, are believed to have been introduced to the UK deliberately by man or by escaping from collectors as far back as the Victorian period.

is it due to the warmer weather or is the lizard population growing in the south-east?

Albert Marshall, 70, saw a trio of the exotic creatures living in his garden in Cuxton, alongside native common lizards and slow worms. Mr Marshall said: ‘I have never seen so many lizards. I’m not sure if it’s the weather causing it. They don’t seem to be as scared as the native lizards. They do run away though. I must admit, I have only noticed them this year and they don’t bother me.’

Animal experts debate whether the reptile has a harmful impact on the UK’s native species of lizard. The non-native wall lizard tends to have a more rounded snout and eyes higher on the head giving it the appearance of a small alligator with a vivid green back and a very long tail.

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