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Spitfire Flight For Captain Moore’s Birthday

The Heritage Hangar at Biggin Hill is hoping to fly an original Spitfire to mark Captain Moore’s 100th Birthday. Sadly, the Captain himself will not be in the cockpit, but someone equally as talented will be flying the plane.

The plane will be named “Spirit of Kent” in honour of the war veteran, who was born in Keighley in Yorkshire. If you are confused by that, then so are we. We thought that perhaps Captain Moore now lives in Kent, but no, he has lived in Bedfordshire since 2008. Oh well.

Captain Moore became famous for raising over £12million for the NHS during the Coronavirus pandemic, but walking 100 laps of his garden. His 100th Birthday is on 30th April.

he served in the british army between 1939-1946

The residents of Kent in lockdown, can look forward to seeing the Spitfire in the air on Thursday week, so here’s hoping for clear skys.

The Heritage Hangar was founded in early 2011, with the purpose of restoring a single Spitfire. From this it has grown to the point where it has now a whole squadron’s worth and recently completed its sixth airworthy example. You can book a tour to see the Spitfires being restored and learn about the history of the famous aircraft. But you can only go once you are allowed to leave your home safely. Tally ho!

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