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Tailgating Lorries A Growing Menace on M20

Motorists are reporting more issues on Kent’s motorways with impatient lorries. There is a rising problem of articulated lorries tailgating cars, trying to get them to exceed the speed limits.

The issue is prevalent on all Kents motorways but seems particularly bad on the M20 due to the current speed restrictions. There are average speed sections from Wrotham to Maidstone and also between Lenham and Ashford.

Whilst most motorists are keeping to the 50 mph limit, lorries that want to go faster are trying to ‘push’ cars along by coming up behind them at speed and intimidating them.

MOre police are needed on our roads

It would seem that these are either ‘foreign’ based vehicles, who do not get penalised for speeding, or UK trucks who seem to know when they can go faster than the limit.

Only last week a petrol tanker driver was fined for tailgating an unmarked police car, but this is a rare occurance. There are a lot of accidents on the M20 and a large number involve large trucks.

It is about time that things changed on our roads. Foreign vehicles need to be impounded if they break our laws and drivers from abroad need to be fined and given licence points. We also need to see more police on the roads and prosecutions for those that are caught tailgating or causing an avoidable accident.

With the rise in dashcams, it should be easier to prosecute drivers with the help of video evidence. The drivers on Kents roads do not want to live in fear of a lorries on our motorways.

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