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The Creative Collective’s Round-the-Clock Networking Event

Creative businesses unite for an innovative day-long virtual marathon for Mental Health Awareness Week, as The Creative Collective’s Round-the-Clock Networking Event Supports Mental Health Charities.

The Creative Collective Networking Group (Ben Bowles and Martin Whiskin) are holding a 24 hour online (Zoom) event at 1pm on Wednesday 8th May through ‘til 1pm on Thursday 9th May. It’s for mental health awareness week and will be raising funds for Mind, Head In The Game (Canterbury) and The Community Driving School (Herne Bay), 3 organisations working in the mental health sector.

Starting at 1pm with their usual 90 minute networking session, Ben Bowles and Martin Whiskin will host 24 hours of networking, presentations, workshops, performances, games and guest slots from the 3 charities.

It is a totally free event and full details and running order are on the booking page. You can register here: https://thecreativecollectivenetworking.co.uk/tcc24

1 in 10 adults in the UK experience symptoms of severe mental illness.
A recent survey from Rethink showed 93% of those living with mental illness think there is not enough awareness and understanding about what it means to be severely affected by mental illness.

Martin Whiskin: Mental health issues are extremely common in the creative industries. Many of our members have experienced anxiety, depression and even suicide attempts so we know all too well the importance of not just starting the conversation, but keeping it going forever.

Ben Bowles: It’s an absolute privilege to bring people together and showcase some brilliant talent to raise funds for 3 incredible charities….but bring coffee.

Odessa Sherreard, copywriter: TCC is a supportive, reactive community that really cares.

Simon Wells, voiceover artist: I am so thankful to have this group around me. I don’t see this as a business network anymore. I see it as community.

Grace, a pupil of Community Driving School: I attempted suicide myself. I managed to find John and CDS and it changed my life.

John Nicholson, CEO of CDS: When a community comes together, it delivers the most powerful things.

More info
The Creative Collective started in 2022 as a networking group for creative businesses. It quickly became so much more – a warm, welcoming community where businesses new and old collaborate, pass work around and act as a safety net for each other’s mental health. TCC meets every other Wednesday on Zoom, with around 30-40 attendees who are video producers, graphic designers, web designers, composers, voice artists, photographers, video editors, marketers, social media experts, copy writers, authors, publishers, SEO agencies, creative coaches, content creators, animators, ghost writers, screen writers, etc etc etc.

John Nicholson, survived a suicide attempt before going on to launch The Community Driving School. John helps ex-addicts, homeless, victims of abuse and ex-offenders to get a driving licence, giving them purpose and a valuable asset in finding employment.

Head In The Game is a UK registered charity that offers the invaluable opportunity for people in the local community to unite and indulge in the sport they love. These weekly sessions, provided free of charge, cater to anyone between the ages of 18-55, regardless of their footballing ability. Under the guidance of experienced football and talking therapy coaches, each session is meticulously designed to prioritise mental health and overall wellbeing.

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