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The Right Person For The Job

When recruiting for any managerial role, it is expected that the candidate must meet a number of important criteria to be classed as suitable. Some of these criteria may include knowledge or experience of the job, perhaps in a similar role. A relevant qualification ticks a few boxes too. Skills in leadership and trust also go a long way. There has to be confidence that the person is a good fit and will provide reassurance, trust and stability for those that depend on them.

When The Conservative Party decided to eject another Prime Minister, they were informing the country that they no longer had confidence in Boris Johnson and that they could find someone better to hold the top post. Whether you think Boris did a good job with Brexit and dealing with COVID or not, he had drunk his last Martini at a Number 10 party and it was time to depart.

The Tories had one last opportunity choose the right person, to win back the confidence not only of the party faithful, but the country. There are only so many failed Prime Ministers that the public will tolerate before we cast our votes elsewhere. With a huge number of issues in the UK, the country needs a strong, confident leader to take us through these troubled times.

There is a cost of living crisis, with people struggling to pay for exorbitant energy bills. Interest rates are on the rise, meaning that mortgages rates are increasing. Immigration appears to be uncontrolled, with thousands arriving in dinghies and being placed in hotels at taxpayers expense. People are rioting in places like Leicester. The NHS is struggling to keep any kind of service going, with A&E departments full. Housing is out of control as councils are forced to find acres of land for new housing estates. Infrastructure cannot cope, whether it be clogged up road and rail systems or pumping gallons of untreated sewage into the sea. Workers from dockers to postal workers are going on strike, as pay rises are not matching inflation. It is not the best of times.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the majority of issues all come back to the same cause. Immigration.

There are too many people in the UK and it has become overwhelmed. The rush to build new houses is to allow for more people coming into the country. Let’s face it, they are not for our children, as they cannot afford to buy a new property. More houses puts pressure on vital infrastructure, as there is more sewage, more vehicles on the roads, more children for schools and more individuals needing GP’s. The GP’s cannot cope or for those that are not registered with a GP use A&E departments for minor ailments, which leaves them unable to cope.

The more people that live here, the more resources are needed. More power, more food and more toilet rolls are needed. The problems in places like Leicester are between Hindu’s and Muslims. The Government will not deal with the immigration problem, because their new policy requires more people living here to pay taxes, to try and get the UK out of a debt hole that it finds itself in.

So rather than Liz Non-Trussty and Kwasi McKwartiface using the mini-budget to deal with actual problems, they decided to double down. They are not going to win the next election by resolving issues at A&E or stopping a few poops from ending up in the sea. They need investment in big business, votes from the rich and more taxpayers.

So they allow rich bankers to get richer to encourage them to work here and not leave for greener lands. They give tax breaks to their rich buddies to retain the votes of their wealthy donators and all their mates. Finally, they announce they want more people to come and work in the UK to give the country growth. What they did not expect is the storm of impending financial disaster to kick in within days and the Bank of England having to implement emergency measures.

The Tories now have an even bigger problem. They cannot oust Truss because she’s only just been given the job. It was the Tory MPs and Party membership that chose her and they will look like dingbats if she goes so soon. Even if Truss did go, who else have they got left with the experience to replace her? But it would appear that she is currently lacking in leadership and trust qualities to fill the population with confidence.

It was Truss that made Kwasi the Chancellor, even though he appears unsuitable for that particular job too. It was only earlier this year that he was Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. How can he suddenly be qualified to become Chancellor in a mere few days? No wonder no-one has faith in our leadership.

So the UK continues to fall into the abyss, people are pulling their hair out with stress over their household bills, the stock market is plummeting and the dinghies are still arriving on Kent’s beaches. Liz and Kwasi have done nothing to reassure us that they are indeed the right people for these jobs.

At this point, it feels like they have buried their heads in the sand and left us to get through this crisis on our own!

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