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The World’s Smallest Play Park?

My name is Colin Gardner and I am standing as a Workers Party of Britain candidate in the Gorrell Ward by-election taking place on 18th November. I have been out talking to residents about matters of interest to them and stumbled across what I think could be the world’s smallest play park!

Does anybody know of anything similar in their area? It is certainly very curious because there is a small community of what seems to be family homes and social housing close by and I wonder if they have ever been able to use these ‘facilities’. There isn’t even a fence in front of the road and it isn’t in sight of the community it was presumably intended to serve. Are play parks where you live used and, if not, why not?

Are they a thing of the past, replaced now by indoor pursuits such as computer gaming and bingeing on social media? Have too many become merely trouble spots for anti-social behaviour? I think we need to start demanding the proper provision of facilities designed to encourage healthy, outdoor play. Meanwhile, if the children in this area can be encouraged to use this postage stamp play park they will have to take it in turns!

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