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Two Fined By Police For Using E-Scooters

Police have fined two males for using e-scooters illegally.

The pair were stopped by police is Ashford after the police were responding to an unrelated report of a robbery in the area.

During their patrol, the police saw the two people using e-scooters on the road. The two males failed to stop for police and were chased into a nearby street.

They were finally stopped a few streets away and the scooters seized and both reported for driving without a licence and no insurance.

E-scooters are defined as a mechanically propelled vehicle therefore they require the same documentation as any other vehicle on the road.

it is still illegal to use privately-owned electronic scooters or “e-scooters” anywhere but on private land

Personal use electric scooters are not currently road legal in the UK and are subject to the same rules as other motorised vehicles, meaning they can’t be insured or used on pavements.

In what is a very confusing area, the Government launched a rental trial in May 2020 to explore the impact of e-scooters on our roads. You will need to hold a full or provisional driving licence to use a trial e-scooter. It is compulsory during the rental trial for all e-scooters to have motor insurance – this is currently arranged by the rental operator. At the moment helmets are not compulsory, although they are encouraged

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