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Extent Of East Kent Development Revealed

The alarming rate of development around Caterbury and East Kent has been revealed in a worrying diagram.

With the council announcing plans for up to 17,000 new homes in the area, many are concerned that farm land will disappear in the area for good.

There are already plans for around 6,000 new homes to be built on the outskirts of Canterbury. There are 500 new homes planned for Howe Barracks and an additional 400 at Cockering Road – with planning now being granted.

Just south of this is another 750 new build at Cockering Farm, with work already underway. Developers also want to build 310 homes at Ridlands Park although planning has not yet been granted.

The final area earmarked for development around Canterbury is for a massive estate of 4,000 homes in the Mountfield area.

There are also new house builds planned around Faversham and in the Thanet area of Kent. Not only are there fears for losing important farmland, there are questions over vital infrastructure. With so many new houses and people moving to the area, are there plans for schools, doctors and hospitals. Even the roads are struggling to cope with commuter traffic, as the number of cars is growing at a huge rate.

Not only this, but it is well known that Southern Water are struggling to cope with the waste water and have been fined many times for discharging sewage into the sea.

Action groups in the area are fighting these new developments to stop East Kent being overrun with new houses. As Kent County Council are receiving money for hitting new build targets, it seems there is no way to stop planning being granted to developers.

Sadly, it would appear that the Garden of England is slowing being turned into the concrete jungle of England. Once houses are built, there will never be a way to return these areas to farms or open spaces again.

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