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TMBC Graffiti Blitz Comes To River Lawn Area Of Tonbridge

Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council have announced that their graffiti blitz has come to the River Lawn area of Tonbridge this week.

The Graffiti Blitz is a way for the council to clean up all the graffiti in one area and they have posted a video of a man power washing some graffiti off a brick wall. How enjoyable is it to watch that person washing that paint off that brickwork with such precision? That’s a job with real satisfaction!

The team of specialists from GB Ltd got cracking on two walls which had been heavily sprayed in the latest part of the clean up campaign.

Sadly, TMBC have a bit of a double-edged sword because as soon as they publish news of the clean up, all the local graffiti artists receive an update about a nice clean wall they can go and spray paint.

Anyone wishing to assist in the fight against graffiti, can report graffiti via the TMBC website here.

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