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Anger As Meopham School To Introduce Transgender Education

There has been an oucry from disgusted parents after Meopham Community Academy in Kent announced proposals to educate its pupils, who range from the age of four to eleven, on terms such as transgender, non-binary, and assigned sex.

Children in Years 1 and 2 will be taught how to combat negative gender stereotypes, while those in Years 5 and 6 will learn about issues relating to transgenderism and gender identity – and look at understanding, identifying, and defining different sexual orientations.

Parents have threatened to take their children out of classes after the plans to introduce transgender education caused a backlash between parents, teachers and school leaders at a meeting.

The new programme at Meopham Community Academy has been led by The Golden Thread Alliance Trust, which runs the school. It will see the children taking part in a range of new classes and workshops, while staff will receive training from Pop n Olly – one of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ educational resources.

Until parents make a stand nothing will change

Michele Sowden-Mehta, senior school improvement lead at The Golden Trust Alliance, which runs Meopham, said ‘The purpose of the forum was to hear the views of parents specifically around the content being taught and when they feel it is age-appropriate to introduce these themes to their children.’

Parents have also said that they wan tot remove their children from the school, but they are trapped as there is not an alternative school that would be able to accept new intakes, leaving the parents with a dilemma.

Despite the majority being against the new plans, some parents voiced their support for the idea, with one remarking ‘I think the earlier we educate children about LGBTQ+, the better. Ideally, one day we will reach a stage in society where everyone will be accepted and there will be no need for these focused lessons. I see these initiatives as part of the journey to achieve that.’

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