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Bluewater Prepares To Open With One-Way System

Bosses at the UKs largest shopping centre are preparing to reopen and making arrangements to keep shoppers safe. Large signs and tape on the floor have been recently installed to the shopping walkways.

Bluewater has remained largely closed during the pandemic, but a few shops have been allowed to open, such as Boots, the M&S Foodhall, Superdrug and Holland & Barrett as they are deemed essential..

The photos, supplied by @jasperjak, a resident living near to Bluewater shows the tape on the floor extending around the entire triangle layout of Bluewater.

At the present time, it is unknown how Bluewater will manage the new features, but their current two security employees look ‘well unimpressed’.

We spoke to one shopper about the new layout at Bluewater and she said ‘Well it’s going to be a nightmare. What if I want to get to another shop that’s on the other side of the line? I could be walking all day, round and round in circles and never get there. I’m not sure my old legs will keep going’.

Shops that are on the inside of the precinct are not happy either. They have said that as all the car parks are on the outside of Bluewater, no customers will be able to cross the line to get to the inside, where their shops are located.

Boots are said to be delighted, as lots of dizzy shoppers who have been walking around in circles all day will need to pop in for more headache pills. It’s going to be a right ol’ merry-go-round when Bluewater finally opens.

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