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Boris Pledges To Protect 30% Of UK Countryside by 2030

The prime minister will pledge to protect 400,000 hectares – 4% of total land in England – over the next decade in the hope of reversing biodiversity loss.

Boris Johnson will tell a virtual United Nations event that the UK “must act now” to stop animal and plant species from becoming extinct.

An additional stretch of land the size of the Lake District and South Downs combined will get protected status by 2030 under new government plans to support the recovery of nature. Currently 26% of land in England has designated national park, area of outstanding natural beauty or similar protected status, so Boris hopes to increase this by 4%.

Boris says that actions must be immediate, to prevent extinction, so how come we will have to wait a further 10 years for this to happen?

Overall, this may sound like good news, but once Boris is back in Westminster he will continue his plans for extensive house building across the nation. Beleive it or not, but the UK is built on up to 6% currently, so pledging to save 30% still gives the Government plenty of room to keep building.

The South-East is one of the most built up areas, yet believe it or not, an area such as Sevenoaks uses 8% of its area for buildings. The majority of the land is used for farming, at 72%.

Extinction is forever – so our action must be immediate

With the population growing, plus a constant influx of migrants, the Government are still allowing house building to continue at an unabated rate. Those hoping to save the plent from extinction will need to look past Boris’s words and see what is really happening.

There are so many plans for new housing estates across Kent, we are losing our green spaces quicker than ever. Not only does that mean more people living in Kent, but the infrastructure cannot cope. Our roads are full, the schools are overflowing and new houses leads to more schools, shops, surgeries to support those residents.

It is about time Boris pledged to stop the house building, stop the lorry parks and promised to protect the natural habitat around us. The Garden of England is slowly disappearing under asphalt and concrete.

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