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HomeNewsDelivery Van Gets Stuck in Eynsford Ford

Delivery Van Gets Stuck in Eynsford Ford

A delivery driver was responsbile for some late deliveries this morning as they managed to get their van stuck in the ford at Eynsford. The driver from Tesco’s had tried to use the river crossing but came to a soggy end as the van stopped in the water. Please note that other supermarkets are available for home deliveries, but we cannot say if the drivers are as stupid as this one!

The genius driver was stranded in the water and had to wait to be rescued. Why they waited for the wettest week on record before attempting the crossing is anyone’s guess.

It is unknown whether these people still recieved their food shopping today but the message on the back of the van saying “..delivered fresh to your door” will have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

For anyone currently unemployed, there is now a position for a delivery driver waiting to be filled in the Eynsford area.

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