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HomeNewsFloating Restaurant In Maidstone Catches Fire

Floating Restaurant In Maidstone Catches Fire

A floating restaurant based in central Maidstone has caught fire this morning. Flames could be seen from the Embankments Floating Bar and Grill Restaurant on the River Medway. The fire brigade are in attendance to dampen down the flames.

Eye witnesses have said that they saw people working on the boat yesterday, however it is unsure if the restaurants insurance was recently renewed. It is understood that there were no people inside the vessel and the fire service has confirmed there are currently no casualties, althought some large baps were toasted.

did somebody leave the grill on?

The nearby Archbishops Palace has been affected today, with all inquests being moved to County Hall. Police have suggested that nearby residents close their windows to stop the smell of burgers filling up their houses.

A few flames have been spotted

Other reports claim that the fire comes after the floating shed was hit by the floods over Christmas. Luckily the barge floats so the floods did not affect it too badly, although on Christmas Eve, a pleasure boat broke loose in the high water and hit the floating restaurant. The accident left the vessel listing to one side, which meant the owners had to cancel their New Year’s Eve event. It is unknown if the accident was covered by the pleasure boats insurance or if the flood was classed an act of god.

It is very unusual for a boat of this size to catch fire in the middle of the rainest season on record and so soon after its previous accident. The ‘Embankments Tapas Bar’ is said to be Kents only floating venue and at the current time of writing – it is still floating.

The official website is still advertising the place as being open and states ” There is no longer any need to book, just pop along and enjoy!” After this mornings fire, everyone is welcome to pop along…. to see the smoldering husk. It would seem that the restaurant will be closed tonight, if not forever!

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