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Devastation To Kent Shown In Storm Ciara Gallery

In the aftermath of Storm Ciara, the people of Kent are attempting to return to work, amid damage across the County. Storm Ciara was the most devasting storm of the year so far and has left a trail of destruction to peoples homes and businesses.

We have been sent a number of images from around Kent to show some of the damage that has occured.

In Stuart Road, Folkestone, a wall collapsed, nearly damaging a parked vehicle. There was plenty of clearing up to do with a number of green wheelie bins scattered along the pavement.

There was damage in Church Street, Gillingham as not only did a fence get blown over, but a brown wheelie bin was spotted on its side.

Also in Gillingham, we can see the destruction as a metal fence collapsed.

These poor residents in Chatham had to watch in horror as their expensive garden furniture was turned upside down in the strong winds.

This person emerged from their home this morning to find their plant pot had been totally destroyed in the storm.

The winds are expected to continue today, although not quite as strong as yesterday. Please do take care out there and send us your pictures of any storm damage around Kent.

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