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Dover Soul Vocalist Wins The Masked Singer

Soul singer Joss Stone has been unmasked as ‘The Sausage’ on ITV’s The Masked Singer at the weekend.

Going into the final, The Sausage was against some fierce competition in The Badger and Robin, both who would have liked to have taken a cheeky bite out of the hotdog!

Despite Stacy Solomon being the fans and panels prediction for the hidden celebrity, guesses of Billy Piper and Sheridan Smith were also wide of the mark as Joss Stone appeared to the surprise of everyone.

Joss Stone, was born ‘Joscelyn Eve Stoker’ in Dover on 11th April 1987 which makes her 33. She is known as a singer, songwriter and an actress in an incredible career, where she has won many awards including a grammy.

Between 2014 – 19 she performed a world tour where she sang in every country in the world, apart form one – Iran. She was denied entry into Iran, probably because her surname is a bit too close to one of their torture techniques!

Let’s dress up as a sausage and make kids laugh. Why not?

Joss confirmed the show was a breath of fresh air because she was ‘not being judged,’ but admitted that maintaining her disguise almost resulted in family arguments. 

The singer said it was a ‘fun’ experience but revealed ‘some people got mad’ as she went to great lengths to hide her participation in the show from her loved ones. So for anyone planning to go on the show in the future, The Masked singer is not the best show to go if your relationship is on rocky ground. A bit like ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ then!

Joss added: “Alright, chips and sausage, innit. I just go like a Cockney lad and it stuck and everyone thought it was funny. Honestly, if you can give joy, it doesn’t have to be perfection or anything particularly beautiful”.

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